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Just got home with an estate sale find in my Detroit neighborhood. A Scott Allwave 15 (correct me if wrong). Original family ownership, was working recently but no audio now. Generally decent shape, no rust on chassis chrome. Came with four 2A3 replacement tubes in boxes. $50.

Someone here is compiling serial numbers, this one is D-292.

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Waverly Cabinet-congratulations ! Yes an AW15 too.

Great find!  Keep documentation of the original ownership with the radio if you can.  Knowledge of the the radio's provenance adds to the significance of the radio.


What a score! Congratulations.

You got a breat buy! Have fun restoring it.

Since you have the original documentation, can you tell me when the set was ordered/sent/delivered? By adding this info to the serial number, we are slowly building timelines for the set production. That is a great find at an amazing price, you have a very nice set there!

Don't try to power it up again until have replaced the filters caps and other appropriate service. Curious if it is an early Wunderlich model (3 rd tube back on the left end) and would have the additional 2 red antenna posts. The Waverly is a  somewhat upscale cabinet - nice find.

FYI, the speaker  is by Jensen and has 2 field coils. Considerable evolution during the production of the Scott Fifteen. Riders has only the last 2 of 5 diagrams known. And some sets in collector's hands straddle 2 of the diagrams making for an interesting restoration sometimes. Restored, a really good sounding radio.

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