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I just received word that an estate sale is being held. The name is Jerry Terry and the town is

Center Moriches, NY. (631) 727-8020. My friend who visited the estate sale said he thought the name of the cabinet type was Adenauer or something similar. I do not see that cabinet type listed in the information I have at hand. This is a Pre-WWII receiver with the old FM band. The unit is said to go for $200 complete. This may make a good buy for someone near him.

I have no direct knowledge of the person or the estate.


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Way out on Long Island, but the price is right! 

Well, I called and left a message.  I am close by.  Fingers crossed. 

The estate guy called me back this morning.  He says it is a Scott 510 and not a Philharmonic.  No interest here. 


Sorry that I promoted false information! My friend called me back today and announced the same thing. The 510 series is not very desirable. Even an 800B or Metropolitan 16A would have been a better choice than a 510 model.


I would like to find another 510 amp/PS. I have one already.


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