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I am honored to have been asked to speak at the Illinois radio meet on Sat Aug 3. The theme for their meet is Art Deco and my talk will be about Scott in the Art Deco era. I've got some ideas about pictures, cabinets, documentation, etc. to discuss and display. I'd like your thoughts too...what would you like to see at such a talk? I am also looking forward to meeting some of you there if you can make it!


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Look for an article titled "when will radios be styled" in one of the radio periodicals around 1932.  I have a copy somewhere but am not sure I will be able to find it in a timely manner.  

Thanks, I do not recall seeing it anywhere, but 1932 narrows it down a lot. I'll dig through my references.


Hi Kent,

One thing I would do is to do some research on what the definition of "Art Deco" is and means.  There are different interpretations on "Art Deco".  This term is often reserved for a period and style of art and architecture.   Starting from this understanding will help with building out into a discussion of Art Deco and the influences on radio cabinet design.  Just my two cent worth! -- John

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