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AW-23 Used Different Chassis to Amp Plugs??

I tried to plug an early AW-23 tuner into an amp, and it seems that the radius the pins are on, are different from the socket.  The plug is broken and in poor shape, but that would only serve to help get the pins in.  Only the outside edge of the phenolic is broken, the center is solid and holding the pins in proper position.   I could not get this plug into the amp after spending some time trying, and it clearly looks like the pins are in a different radius.   Look how the filament pins on the right are going straight in, but the pins on the left are angling in. 

Were there different tuner to amp plugs on these sets?

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These are actually tube sockets repurposed for this use. As such there are 2 versions. The plug is a 6 pin "large"  and the socket is 6 pin "standard". Had the same problem myself. Plugs are a little hard to find but they are out there. Sockets can be had on Ebay. In the mean time you can use a dead tube with the appropriate base, remove the tube part and resolder your connections. . Steve

Interesting - Scott used different plugs in many places to avoid customer problems, but I have not seen different <set> plugs on the AW23 models - and I've been swapping sets and amps for years. I know the Phantom set plug and Philharmonic set plug are different, for example, but the 23 revelation is news...


You are saying that there was a "large" and a "standard" version of the 6 pin tube base?

Only thing I can find in the RCA HB-3 databook is a "small" 6 pin base diagram.  The next 6 pin base listed beyond this is huge. 

So just to be clear in my head, you had a set cord that had a pin diameter circle that was too large for the amp just like mine? 

If that is the case, then I would need to find a Scott plug that has the pins on the smaller diameter....finding a good set plug is not an easy task. 

Still waking up....Steve, you saying 6 pin threw me.   These are 7 pin plugs and sockets. 

User error on my part.  Both the sockets on the AW23 have the 2 big pins close together, unlike the Philharmonic where they are separated,  which is what I am used to. The first socket I saw with the big pins next to each other got the plug, and it didn't fit as you can see from the picture, LOL,  I am sure I am not the first dummy to do this....

EH Scott used the same style plug/socket, but changed only the pin diameter between the speaker and chassis plug. 

BTW, the set socket is the same as for the Philharmonic. I just plugged a Philharmonic into the AW amp. 

Yep - a challenge.

Mostly, Scott seemed to use unique plug/socket combinations to prevent trying mis matched receivers and speakers to amps.

Tube bases offer best hope of making suitable plugs, except for the Philly speaker plug with its spaced apart two large pins.

I have learned to refer to the owner manual illustration to help differentiate the set and speaker sockets. Except for the octal socket speaker socket and Jones sockets,  I use a magic marker to make a mark on the round plug top and corresponding amp apron to help plug orientation for the future.

** edit:  The above should read: EH Scott used the same style plug/socket, but changed only the pin circle diameter between the speaker and chassis plug. 

Time for me to make a proper fix for these plugs. 

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