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Just got a Blonde 800B. Has the optional scratch supressor. I posted 5 pictures and put them in a folder. Note to Admin. If you want to add any of them to the Cabinets gallery  it is  ok with me. I guess there werent many of the blonde cabinet sets issued. Is the speaker in the picture original or was this added? Thanks  Norman

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Your post war blond Scott  cabinet is named the MODERNE. 

Your speaker is not the teal color Jensen 15 inch with center mounted tweeter I am familiar with.

But a couple other speakers are also seen. Perhaps Norman B will identify yours.

I added a couple of the images to the cabinets folder - thanks!


Nice MCM finish color. Rare I would think.


Just sold on e-bay 2 weeks ago. it is in good hands of a major collector of Scott radios. Norman W

This blonde cabinet shows something interesting that's puzzled me for a while.

You can see surrounding the inside of the turntable recess white tiles that appear to some type of acoustical tile with holes in them.

I have those in my mahogany cabinet but they are a very dark brown, not very attractive and installed in pieces like the tiles weren't big enough to cover the sides and back.

Any thoughts or info on these?



The acoustic tiles in the phono recess is typical. Have noticed in several 800B cabinets.

Thanks David,

Must have been a last minute fix for resonances getting to the turntable.  The craftsmanship of the tiles isn't up to the level for the rest of the cabinet. I guess because they aren't seen unless the drawer is open.  Really shows up the misfit cuts with the white tiles.



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