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Does anyone recognize this cabinet?  Is it a Scott cabinet?  I can't find it in the archives.

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I did have them in the records when they appeared in the auction listing, so someone in the past submitted them to myself or (very long ago) JWF Puett. 

This is a chance for me to explain one aspect of the serial number data: For privacy reasons I do not track any info about owners or individuals associated with radios except for cases where we know the original owner (e.g. Mayor Kelly's set found last year). I only keep the serial number, model of set and a built date if it is available from a Warranty card or a sales receipt (hard dates only). 

So that's a long way of saying I don't have any past data as to restorations, etc. Another problem is that sets are split up and recombined with other power supplies and cabinets. Very few sets today are known to be completely, verifiable original. Such is the march of time...


Yes, I understand!  I was hoping that the past "restorer" was someone we knew here.  I'd like to ask questions.  I will br digging into both units to see the extent of what was done.  I may start with the power supplies and bring them up to a higher standard of restoration, or at least to my satisfaction. I suspect that the grille cloth on the Wellington was the "Aztec" rather than the Zenith.  I may change that. Thanks Kent.

I have a KK-88 that came in a Tasman, and a KK-104 that came in a Gothic Grande. 

The KK series were all early sets.

My pointer Philly is KK-237. From mother's cousin who bought it used when living in Chicago, evidently in the late 1940's. It had been a custom installation. I acquired it about 1958 when in high school - just the receiver, amp and 15 inch speaker - as a working radio with very good chrome. After my marriage,  housed it in a gutted Victor Credenza cabinet - because it was big enough, and which cabinet I still have.  It the past 15 years, I acquired the escutcheons, dial and crystal, tweeter set  and restored the up-sized Tasman cabinet for it. is a fine radio.

For what it's worth, my philly is KK-163, right in the missle of your numbers, it's a west coast dial,

got it as a chassis only from a guy in LA.

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