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I just acquired a Scott AW23 and I need a knob

Hello, this is my first post here as a new member. I just bought My third Scott, an Allwave 23, In better than excellent condition with the exception of the band change knob, which has fallen prey to pot metal rot beyond salvation. Is there a source for replacements or reproductions? For those who want to know, the serial is Q535. I am the second owner. Thanks!

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I have reproductions available, send me a message and we can arrange getting one to you!


Also, since you know you are the 2nd owner - do you have any documentation or other info on the set?


Yes I do. The set came with the original manual (for a 5 knob-but this is a 7 knob), a letter dated Nov. 11,1937, sent to the owner in response to a price request for the installation of an antenna coupler and micrometer dial (the price for the coupler was quoted at $15 and the dial at $13.50, neither of which are installed in the set), a letter from Scott Labs dated June 6, 1936 discussing foreign stations being on new time schedules, two issues of the Scott News, March 1936 and May, 1937, a receipt from Scott Labs for a payment of $75.00 dated April 16th 1936, a Scott radio accessories full page ad, and a shortwave tuning guide corrected April 1, 1936. 

Very nice! All great items to keep with the set. 


The manual for the 7 knob is a bit different than the 5 knob. Take a look at the later manual available in the Info Archive. The 7 knob was introduced January 1936 with two additional controls with smaller knobs: the left as a true radio/phono switch and on the right the repositioned BFO momentary switch. It still had a single antenna post and for the Scott Super Antenna the outboard antenna coupler switch for Radio/SW hung on the rear middle tube shield.

About Fall 1936, several changes: the micrometer dial bezel, internal antenna switching, a 2nd antenna post and the new internal noise reducing antenna coupler (effective with twin lead of the Scott Super Antenna) - as reflected in the price response letter you mentioned.

 This is all very interesting. As I have posted before, I am in process of doing a total rebuild of J 497, which is a 5 knob version with the dual antenna posts and antenna coupler coil.  By complete, I mean all caps and resistors.  Also all the rubber covered wire, which is crumbling. I also have K480 which is also a 5 knob version with single antenna post and the outboard antenna coupler.  J497 has the variable capacitors in the IF strip as does K480, and the added resistor across the last IF coil. Since J497 has been heavily modified by a previous owner, I have been using both the early and late schematics to do the rebuild. Capacitors and resistors are replaced using the values found, which differ somewhat from the schematics.  A work in progress, but worth it when done.  


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