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Interesting cabinets/sets at Estes auction on Jan 28

For all the forum members, check out:

There are a number of unusual cabinets and very nice sets at the next auction.

If you are there - say hello, I will be there!


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More detail: there are 8 Scott's at the auction, including a Philly in the upright Chippendale, a Phantom in the Stratford (not often seen), a 23 in the Laureate Grande and a 15 in a Gothic, plus an FM Tuner in the Mode cabinet. 

So many nice sets at this auction! 

But shipping large sets to Canada is...costly to say the least. So, I'll wave hi to you from here!

But if you drive down and drove it back...shipping would be less... :-)

Brad Winder said:

So many nice sets at this auction! 

But shipping large sets to Canada is...costly to say the least. So, I'll wave hi to you from here!

A little history on two of the Scotts:

The AW-15 in the gothic (a Wellington) is mine. lot 107. Excellent chrome. Extensive recapped and plays very well. Late production built with the 55 tube 2nd detector rather than the Wunderlich tube. The phono is correct: Scott called it the Automatic 10 and is a Capehart model 10 , a 78 record changer complete but unrestored motor free. The Scott auditorium speaker (a Jensen) had a new cone and field coil rewind by Hank Brazeal some 20 years ago. Mostly original finish cabinet.

The AW-23 in the Laureate Grande lot 108 is the early version (5 knob) also extensively recapped and I also replaced all the wiring having failing insulation in the tuner section. Excellent chrome. A good player. Original finish.

Of course, being moved and shipped may cause a problem but both radios have had the major  restoration work already. 

Too bad the descriptions are so brief. Also some of the photos are blurry.

Did anyone on the forum buy anything on Saturday?  Did anyone find out what the stuff went for?  That would be interesting, in an of itself. 

I bid on a couple radios online, but got outbid handily. You should be able to look at the sales price using the link above. I bid up to $1800 on the Zenith 835; went for $2600

Philharmonic with Chippendale cabinet went for $1300

FM tuner went for $550

It seems that prices on Scott sets are pretty soft right now. Sets are not bringing what they did even 5-6 years ago, and nothing like the late 90s...The FM Tuner at $550 is the lowest I've ever seen one sell. The Super XII in the Braemar went for $375, the AW23 in the Laureate Grande brought $1200. There are a lot of Scott sets hitting the market, I suppose it's partly supply/demand, but I feel the overall situation is down too. Keep an eye on Estes though, there are several large collections coming through there this year - more opportunities!


A Philharmonic, with the tweeters, complete, going for $1300.  That's sort of shocking.  I remember when a friend paid $4 or $5K for an AW-23 in a Laureate Grand, in similar condition to the one that went for $1200.  It's kind of demoralizing to realize my collection is currently not worth what I paid for it.  However, I love the radios....the $$ is very secondary.   I'm glad I wasn't there, at the auction....I would have bought too much stuff.  

Kent, inquiring minds want to know what you bought up there!

I bid on most of them, but only bought the SuperXII in the Braemar. I was my set once upon a time, and for the selling price, I brought it home. Sadly, I set it up last night but it didn't play (it did), so I'll have to work on it when I find time. I should have bid more on the AW23 Laureate Grande, that would have been nice to get. I already have a Philly in the Chippendale and I couldn't stay that late anyway. Whoever got the FM Tuner won the prize...those are scarce. 

And Alex - I know my collection is never going to bring me what I have in it, but for me, it is the restorations, the history, the documenting...I never started collecting radios intending to make money - it's a hobby. By definition, you don't make money at most hobbies. And I'm not spending it at a golf course, or other things...and above all, it makes me happy. So that is enough.


The prices are up and down, but the long term trend has them softening.   I always thought that Estes was a bad place to sell more common and not easily shipped stuff.  That area has to be saturated with old radios. 

I would rather send my sets to Willy and let him auction them on Ebay.   He does a great job shipping large stuff and always seems to get a good price. 

Also with the aging population, lots of the older collectors are downsizing...and Scott consoles are BIG. And many of the younger collectors I know don't have room for more than a couple smaller consoles (well, truth be told, it's usually the other half saying they can't have more than a couple in the house ;)

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