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I will be welcoming my newest Scott radio next week when it arrives from California-it is a model 16 in the Warrington cabinet.(pictures attached) This one will be the 7th newer style Warrington in my collection, by far the most of one style cabinet I have.


Here's the list of cabinets I have. I'd I suspect this is a good cross section of what was sold new.


BTW-I really like the understated elegance of the later Warringon.It's one  my favorites and must have been a favorite too in the 1930's.


Newer Warrington = 7

Newer Tassman = 3

Braemer = 2

Early Tassman = 2

Windsor = 2

Laureate Grande = 2

Imperial Grande = 1

Lido = 1

Westminster = 1

Clifton =1

Wellington = 1

Sheraton = 1

Regent = 1

Aqusticraft = 1

Waverly Grande = 1

Roslyn Grande = 1

Chippendale (800B) = 1

Regency (800B) = 1

Unknown early similar to Plymouth = 1

Early 1932 possible custom made = 1

Retrofit in Zenith 12S-471 = 1

I think that's it for me.


Obviously The Warrington and Tassman seem to be the most frequently seen ones




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I am intrigued by the custom build cabinet for your AW23. 

Did you build it, or someone else?  Wondering if you had any construction pics.  I always liked the Stratosphere cabinet design. 


Carlos Insa said:

Custom built (Stratosphere design) - Imperial AW 23



Thanks Carlos.

I look forward to the details when you post them.



I think the Waverly/Waverly Grande is also rather common. I had 4 of them at one point...I'll inventory tonight and post my list. No one has ever done a cabinet "tally" to my knowledge....maybe we can do an informal one here. It is difficult not to count some multiple times, as they get shifted around.


The other thing that contributes to the "common" cabinets: which ones were often offered as "free" with the purchase...The Warrington and Tasman both were "giveaway" cabinets, so they do turn up quite often. A review of the sales brochures should help us identify those candidates.

I can tell you the designer of the Zenith Stratosphere lived in Rockford Illinois, just a few miles from the Peerless Furniture company, where the Scott cabinets were made.


He was an independent contractor who would work for various companies as an Industrial Designer. I recently toured Rockford and saw his home, the Peerless factory and Art Haggstrom's home who did the design of many of the more ornate Scott cabinets.


The Winnebago Furniture company was also in Rockford and they made some of the high end Zenith cabinets prior to Zenith setting up the old Majestic factory into the new Zenith works about circa 1936 or so.

My Waverly Grande cabinet does not have the cutouts in the sides as the ads show.I have not seen any like mine.Is the cutouts a newer cabinet or older cabinet ? Angelo

Angelo -


There are several cabinets, including the desirable Napier, that have side cutouts. There does not seem to be any particular "age" involved. At one time, the thinking was that these might have been included for sets with any case, it is one of the many Scott mysteries.... is the list of cabinets I have at the moment:


Acousticraft (Sixteen)

Braemar - 2 (Super12, Phantom)

Lido (AW15)

Linden (empty)

Milford (AC10)

Mode (FM Tuner)

Napier (AW12)

Nelson (table/SG9)

Nelson (AW23)

Oxford (empty)

Plymouth (AW12-2dial)

Regency (Export)

Regent group (empty)

Stratford (Phantom)

Warrington (empty)

Waverly Grande - 2 (AW27, Philharmonic)

Wellington (desk/SG9)

Westerly (AW12)

Wilshire (Eighteen)

Windsor (AW23)




During the past 20-years my collecting focus has been on the rare and unusual products of the E.H. Scott Radio Laboratories and Scott Radio Laboratories.  Going from memory because I have not quite returned from a trip to Belize, here is a nearly complete list of the cabinets in my collection catagorized by rarity.


Rare cabinets:

Beardsley Quaranta, three consoles

Barrett Quaranta (most likely), two consoles

Lemke Philharmonic (Scott custom console)

Chatham, will be installing remote control AC-10

Silver Westerly Grande Allwave Deluxe

Chinese Chippendale 800B

Roslyn Grande AW-23

Kenilworth speaker


Scarce cabinets:

Rivinia Grande AW-27, this might be better classified as a rare cabinet but I know that a few exist

Westerly Allwave Deluxe

Linden with doors, remote Phantom

Laureate Grande Philharmonic

Red mahogony Chippendale (upright) Philharmonic (cabinet may have another name)


Common cabinets:

Early Warrington, Allwave Superhetrodyne

Napier Consolette, Allwave Deluxe (early version of cabinet)

Napier Consolette, AW-23 (late version of cabinet)

Tasman, AW-23 (near mint, my first Scott in a cabinet)

Acousticraft, Sixteen (near mint)

Linden Eighteen

Late Warrington Philharmonic

Plymouth Allwave Deluxe

Linden (empty, red formica on top!)


The last three are available if anyone is interested.  In addition to the condition of the cabinet the value of a Scott cabinet also depends on the demand for the cabinet.  For example, the common Napier Consolettes are in great demand because of their design and are therefore considered more valuable than the rare Chinese Chippendale which is of interest to only a few collectors.


Bruce, I noticed that you have listed an Imperial console.  Is this the one that you were going to have Kenny Richmond make?  If so, it would be great to see a photo of it.



And... to the scarce list, add one Gothic Grande that once housed a Philharmonic but will be fitted with an AW-27.
Where does the Waverly Grande fit in? Angelo  : )

I would be interested in one for my Philly AM/FM if one is suitable.

I would imagine that shipping would not be easy. 

Norman S Braithwaite said:


The last three are available if anyone is interested.







Yes, some of the smaller, more common cabinets having very classic styling are more valuable than some of the less common cabinets that are larger (side-by-side combination cabinets) or are less attractive from a styling perspective.  If I am not mistaken it is your understanding that your custom cabinet was made to order by a local (Europe) cabinet company.  If this is the case it would be considered rare.



I consider the Waverly Grande to be a common cabinet.



A very nice AM beam-of-light Philharmonic chassis presently resides in the Warrington cabinet.  My preference is to sell the set complete.



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