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Hello all:

 I am new to the Scott Radio Enthusiasts as of tonight, I have been collecting and restoring anitque radios for 30 years now and have always longed to have a Scott. This past weekend was my time, I aquired a 7 knob Allwave 23 in a Waverly Grande cabinet. Needless to say I was very excited when I heard it was for sale in my area as I have never come across a Scott in all the years I have been collecting. I went and had a look and cabinet wise not bad, needs the top reveneered and one side grill repaired and other than that all is good, all the original knobs are in place and good. The tuner chassis is in really nice shape almost no pitting but is missing one tube shield. Now the bad news, the power amp and main speaker are missing.  I was very disappointed to discover this fact but for the asking price I could not refuse. A little more good news is both tweeters are still in place.

I am hoping someone out in Scott land might have the pieces I need to make this radio complete but if not I am still going to fix up the cabinet and rebuild the tuner section because I know someday I will find the pieces I need and I will make this radio whole again. I am really looking forward to that day!



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Hello and welcome! I am sure we all win having such experienced radio collector here!

Do you have pictures of your new aquisition?

By the way, power amps and speakers can be bought on e-bay. From time to time they do show up. Anyway, your twitters are more valuable, than main speaker and power amp combined, I assume...


Greg -


Leonid is right, the other items you need will turn up. The tweeter set is worth more than the bass speaker and amp together, so at least you have those.....don't let those go if you plan to restore it! I am afraid I sold my extra 23 amp some time ago, but I will check tonight and see. The speaker will actually be tougher. Work on cleaning up the tuner and cabinet, and have patience, you will hear the set play again.



I don't know if the speakers for AW 23 and AW 15 Delux are different - there is one presumably from AW15 on Ebay right now - 6 hours left. Expensive.

Thanks for the response! I have looked at that speaker on ebay and I think it is different as I would need one with a plug in for the tweeters. It would most likely work with some rewiring and such but I would prefer to go original if at all possible. I am not in a big hurry so will wait for the right parts to come along,


Leonid Soloviev said:

I don't know if the speakers for AW 23 and AW 15 Delux are different - there is one presumably from AW15 on Ebay right now - 6 hours left. Expensive.

It would be very difficult to make the speaker from an Allwave Fifteen work in the Full Range High Fidelity (AW-23) receiver, especially if you were to use the tweeters.  I may have an extra power amplifier but need to inventory my stock of chassis to determine if one is available.


Thanks Norm, I didnt think it would be the way to go and I dont want to start changing things. I have had enough experiance with other peoples mods that I always make every effort to keep things original. If you have any insight or parts that I might need would be greatly appreciated! I hope the time comes when I will be able to return the favor.



Info on the Allwave 23 is available from several people on the list and from Allan Jesperson from Great Northern antique radios. I just finished a re-cap of the main chassis, and found several differences in cap values from the schematic to the actual chassis. I have the 5 knob version. The schematic shows all the bypass caps as .1uf. The chassis had mostly .05uf caps. I replaced all but a couple with .1s. The radio seems to work well. Also when I got it, the main power transformer had a shorted primary winding. List members gave me the name of Heyboer in Grand Haven Mi. to make a new one. Took about 5 months, but I picked up the new one on the 6th of Oct. The parts you need will turn up on ebay or from someone on the list. For me, the last set of  tweeters on ebay went for about half of what I paid for the radio. I do have a set of new Jensen tweeters that will fit, and I can make them work. 

Welcome to the list.


Thanks Thom for the info, I plan on posting to the list as I do the refurb on my radio and will note any changes I come across.

I saw that set of tweeters on ebay and was a little shocked as to what they sold for, would have never guessed. I have used Heyboer a number of times in the past and they are great! A really good product a a fair price.

Thanks for the welcome.




There is a complete allwave 23 on ebay. Also, if you have a 240 volt at about .5 amp B+ supply, a -20 volt bias supply and 6.3 volts at 6 amps available you can do a check out of the tuner chassis. Tap off the volume control for an outside amp.


Is that the one in Montana? If so I know the fellow that owns it and might try to make a trip down to see him and maybe pick the set up.



yes, he is in Montana.


If the bidding doesnt get too carried away I will bid and take a few days and go visit.


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