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Here is a crossover that's listed on EvilPay...not sure if it's a good deal or not?

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I saw that earlier today...personally, I think that is pretty steep for a crossover. Yes, they are hard to find, but so are the tweeters. Who knows though - someone might bite on it.

That is the first version crossover construction. But is late enough production to include the cable to the receiver to control the tweeters "ON" in FM mode only. For FM version Philharmonic and Phantom Deluxe models 1940-41.

That version crossover is also seen without the secondary cable, and I wonder if it was for AM only buyers.

I agree with Kent - sellers's price for the crossover and companion tweeters make for a really expensive purchase. And you need to find the 8 ohm woofer, 12 or 15 inch. The " standard" 38 ohm main speaker is not correct for the Scott crossover.

As I showed here before, I have a AM-FM Philharmonic that doesn't have the tweeter switching plug on the set back- and no hole where it would have went.  I can only guess that maybe my set was very early AM-FM and they had not incorporated the switch.  The crossover with the set doesn't have the switch cable or even a hole for it.

I "watched" that crossover and the seller sent me an offer for $699.  In my opinion, he might move it for half his asking price. 

I think the separate small cable to control the tweeter was a feature added sometime after the first of the FM sets were introduced.

Aaaah, the challenges of a custom set builder.

FYI - the same small socket on the rear apron was used for the phono input before the FM sets appeared. In that case, all 4 pins may be in use, not just 2 for the audio. Some phonos were wired so the remote control keyboard could start or reject a record.

Figure that small rear apron socket was for the phono input unless the set has a separate set of Phono terminals somewhere on the rear apron of the receiver. My BOL remote control 1940 Philharmonic has that small socket for phono input.

My 1941 Scott Laureate has that same small socket to control the tweeter to work only on FM, plus I rewired the band switch wafer a bit so the tweeter works "ON" for phono too (for DC player). And it has separate phono screw terminals to the left on the rear apron.

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