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Another collector on the forum asked if I had records on Ravinia Grande cabinets, how many and what sets...I haven't done that for any cabinet, but might be interesting to try with some of the high-end cabinets - so let's start with the Ravinia Grande:

I am aware of at least 5 - three known with AW27 sets in them and two with Philharmonics (one Deluxe, one pointer). If any of you out there have a Ravinia Grande, please reply here or email me privately if you prefer. What other high-end cabinets would we like to try to track or inventory?


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How about we track all the less common cabinets?  I would like to know how the Gothic Grande fairs.  I know it is pretty darn rare.  I have one and so does Paul.  I would even be curious about how many up-sized Philharmonic Tasman's there are.  Common cabinet, just not common in the up-sized version.   I have one of them also. 

I'm game for any level of cabinet study!

Speaking of the upsize Tasman - fellow member Dave Poland has a Philly in one, and yes, they are scarce. 

Other odd ones - like the two chairside models, the Linden...I've got a Stratford with a Phantom, I have not seen another Stratford. 

Let's add some photos of some of the rare cabinets we all have! I'll start with this one - the first Wellington.


Among mine:

ORLEANS high boy 1929-1932 radio/phono with 2-DIAL

TASMAN large Phillharmonic size console 1937

MAYFAIR radio/phono smaller 32x33x16 credenza 1939 with 14 tube MASTERPIECE

Three of my favorites:


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