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I have a 16A Metropolitan radio that has sat in my parent's attic for over 50 years, and would like to sell it to someone would would enjoy it - I have no idea where to list it or even the value. Any suggestions? I have not tried to plug it in! I have everything but the case. 

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First off, do NOT plug it in without having someone check it over. At best, I will blow a fuse, at worst, you could damage something hard to replace. 

The price will depend on the condition of the chrome. If it is rusty, that will degrade the value. When you say you have everything but the cabinet...Speaker? Phono? Tuner? Amp?

The 16A is post-war and post-E.H. Scott, they are not as desirable to many collectors. With decent (cleanable) chrome, it might bring $100-$150. Things used to be better, but radio prices are down everywhere.


Thanks for the advice - I have not plugged it in. 

I have the amp, tuner, turntable, 2 speakers, with some slight rust. 

You can advertise it here with a FS post with pictures, or on the Antique Radio Forum in the classifieds, or E-bay.  Craigslist is a possibility, but I have not had much luck selling radios there.   I think most EH Scott collectors focus on pre-war sets.

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