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OK folks....I have started putting some of the existing photos into a new Album called Scott cabinets. What I'd like to do is to get a really nice picture of as many Scott cabinets as we can....modern examples....let's try to label these with the Clark # too. Let's see how many different cabinets we can capture into this Album!



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Fair warning....I plan to keep only the best picture of each cabinet in this reference as we get a better picture of a Warrington or whatever, the previous "best" picture will be removed. It doesn't matter what set is in the fact, pictures of nice empty cabinets are just fine. The objective is not different sets, but ONE nice photo of each cabinet if we can find them....

I haven't stopped on this project fact, I've now got a folder (locally) with 37 of the 84 cabinets pictured...please keep posting good pics of your Scott cabinets and I'll continue to add to the folder. I'll also try to get some of them uploaded soon.



Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the second photo directory.

Some cabinets were produced with significant variations that Clark's guide didn't necessarily picture. Good photos of significant variations makes for a more complete reference tool, better discloses the variety that may be available and helps removes doubt whether an encountered variation may be a legitimate Scott cabinet.

Examples include the Waverly, Westerly and Roslyn, where a taller version was offered that could accommodate a phono/changer and resulting in altered cabinet proportions. Another significant variation involves the Napier, where the later version still had the herring bone veneer pattern but longer included the blonde inverted "V" of exotic veneer above the speaker cut out.

Also, for cabinets with doors, consider a photo with the doors open in order to show the detail of the cabinetry and/or speaker cutout.  Behind some cabinets with doors, there are sometimes significant variations worth showing as well - such as the high boy Orleans that initially had the speaker above the radio, but by the time the 2-Dial was introduced, the radio was placed above the speaker, the speaker cut out design was different and the top was hinged.

Maybe there is a way to footnote cabinets that were enlarged when the Philharmonic was introduced (such as the Warrington, Laureate Grande and Tasman).

-Dave Poland

Hi Kent,

Didn't see any examples of a Chippendale Grande in the mix, so added a few photos of mine to my photos. Great album!

regards, Bill

Here are some photos of an 800B Regent cabinet after I cleaned it up. This was given to me a few years ago and I have since sold it to a fellow in the Twin Cities area with a complete set of the 'guts' for it.

More rare than the Chippendale cabinet.


Here is a STAMFORD AW15 console.

It was a recent ebay purchase by Ken Richmond and I have purchased this cabinet from him. He will be doing some veneer work and general improvements to the cabinet for me.


Thanks Bruce....I have about 1/2 of the known cabinets with modern photos now. I'm cleaning them up and organizing them into another folder that may be more accessible than this site. I'll keep everyone posted on progress.


This is one that has been for sale on ebay for more than a year. I know the seller and have seen this set in person. Its a 16 chassis in a very rare cabinet.

The Westwood is rare, I only know of two examples, but of course there may be more. I know of this one and I have photos in my personal files of another Westwood with a Phantom in it.

This one is from the same person I bought my Allwave 23 from. West Chicago suburbs.


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