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I have just added J497 to my Allwave 23 collection. This is just the receiver chassis. It is in rough shape and has been 'modified' with extra controls. It looks to have been a 7 knob chassis and has the twin antenna posts, but has the beat oscillator button under the band switch. Otherwise intact with all tubes.

I originally intended this for a parts set, but I may do a restore at some point, depending on what I find when I get it on  the bench. 


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Thomas -
Your chassis J-497 BFO button signifies it was built as a 5 knob model introduced 1935.
Also, the 5 knob model had the single antenna post, as does earlier production 7 knob models of 1936. The additional antenna post appeared with the introduction of the Supershield Antenna Coupling System as per the October 1936 Scott News. This new antenna circuit sub-planted the need for the optional external antenna coupler often seen attached to a back tube cover of AW-15 and earlier AW-23 sets. Henceforth, the twin leads of the Scott Super Antenna were connected directly to the pair of antenna posts/terminals of prewar Scott models.
Be curious what the additional controls were for if you figure them out. The brown paper tape on the filter capacitor indicates a set returned to the factory, which may explain the added antenna post and some of the additional controls. There is Scott documentation that explains a set returned to the factory for service may get "updated" to incorporate current production features. You may find your set to have the the revised antenna system, and other features not on the early diagram and you may have to make use of both the early and late AW-13 diagrams and documentation.
The extreme right and left controls make it resemble the chassis for the 27 tube "baby Quaranta". The voltage divider looks out of position. Maybe the an early version volume expander circuit was added by someone. So have fun playing detective. Could be interesting.

Actually, I can pin the date on this set very closely, as we've got known dates for sets on either side of 497. J-499 was built on Dec 18, 1935, J-469 was built on Dec 6. Looking at the calendar for Dec 1935, the 18th was a Wed, so I'd guess the set was built earlier that week, probably Dec 16 or 17.

Hi all:

Many thanks for all of this information. I have always liked a challenge and this set may prove to be just that.

I have no other information on this other than the seller said he bought it out of a storage unit. There is also a

Westminster cabinet he wants to sell. In good condition, but needs some restoration. The amp was sold, and this set had a pair of tweeters, but those were sold as well. Great information on the build date. This would then be later than my K486 serial Allwave 23. I have the info on both the early and late versions of this set. K486 came with the antenna adaptor on the center IF tube cover. I will post pictures when I can get this on the bench.



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