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I have a copy of this that I have had since the 1970's. It is the publication that got me hooked on Scott radios and finally led me to buy my Allwave 23. It was mentioned in a copy of Audio Magazine, which is also no longer published. 

My copy is literally falling apart and I went looking to see if I could find another one. I did find a couple of them and was surprised to see what they went for. I am keeping my copy, but was curious to know if anyone else has or has seen a copy.  



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Didn't see attachment, so trying again.  

Doug Smith said:

Thanks for the update.   There may be several editions out there.   I attached the first few pages - copyright, frontispiece, and forward.  I don't have any Scott references in pages 16 and 17, but do have a facsimile of Scott's signature on the cover.   The book is fragile, so I didn't press hard on the scanner.   Is it worth attempting a pdf scan?   Doug

I have 2 or 3 copies with different covers. Some were mis-printed, pages missed, or overlapped. I do not believe the copyright is still in force on these, JWFP has been gone for a number of years and I do not believe anyone in his family has maintained them...but I do not know for sure. 

I'll try to do a good scan of one of my copies soon.


Trying again to upload file.

David C. Poland said:

I have Jan 1933  edition. Looks like the contents were from some service. 5x7 inches.

The heavy weight cover (front and back ..  and middle pages 16 and 17) have the only references to E H Scott.

Inside front cover shows E H Scott copyright.

Kent may have an idea how many or how long Scott put this publication out.

The rest of the contents are bits of information, short stories, little thoughts, bits of wisdom.


This thread has diverged into 3 discussions - I'll answer a few items in this post:

1. Audio Magazine - look for this: 

"Nothing New Under the AM Sun” 

by Michael N. Stosich

Originally published in the January, 1977, issue of Audio magazine.

2. Silver Ghosts - I had two copies a green cover (2nd printing, Feb 77) and a blue cover (4th printing, May 81). The earlier one is coming apart, so I may carefully dismantle it and scan it in. Hopefully this weekend.

3. Just Friendly Chats - I'm going to start a new thread on those.


Hi All:

Quite a discussion going on.  Thanks for all the replies and information. My copy of Silver Ghosts has the green cover and is from the 3rd printing 1978. It occupies a stack next to my bed along with other Scott related items.  

I also have some of Puetts other publications.  

I spent some time yesterday checking and replacing tubes In my Allwave 23. The RF and all 3 39/44 IF tubes. it seems to have made a small difference in operation.  Over the years I have acquired a complete set of tubes for it.

Also took the time to polish the easily removed coil and tube covers.  \

For all who have been following this thread - I have scanned a copy of Silver Ghosts and placed it in the Miscellaneous folder in the Archive. Since I had my entire JWF Puett folder out, I was skimming through the old issues of Classic Radio Newsletter. I found stories in there about several "found" sets that may again be lost. More on this in the coming weeks.


More on Puett electronics. In one post I mentioned that I had some other items. One of them is his radio booklet on the restoration of AC powered radios.  2nd edition, 1978. Orange cover with radio images printed on it.  8 pages and generic schematics for 4 typical radios.  

Also thanks to Kent for doing the scan and post of Silver Ghosts. It is good to keep an archive of as much information as possible.


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