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I've been patiently waiting for the "right" cabinet, this one began life as an early FM GE phonograph, a optional cabinet of the same Radio now housing my 800b. Both with the full doors are difficult to source these days. Many discount this set as a boat anchor, I disagree wholeheartedly. The 16ohm Jensen array is an easy load and I can tell you plays easily 90dB plus loud, very clean tone, brilliant highs with excellent bass. What's special is the provenance. A friends dad removed this set from a a Chicago Navy yard communications lab. I had him bring the built in oak front facade which had what I would say is a pretty rare front bezel. The building was to be razed, hate to think what else may have populated the rooms. Anyway, it's a SCOTT !

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Front and rear view


Nice, Dave.  I have to get up there again sometime to hear your Silver.

Nice results.

You paint the chassis, or was it like that?

Thanks for your comment Bob.... long story but I have 2 MP6 now with Giants. One with yet another in-house custom cabinet. Let me know your travel plans North, snow this AM !

Hi Dave, this chassis is original from the Navy yard, I'd call it a struck cadmium type finish, no paint.


Very nice.  Your receiver is a Scott Export Receiver rather than an SLRM.  The Export Receiver was a high fidelity receiver ostensibly for the consumer market.


Dave -

As Norman said, this is an Export set (we have no idea about the name). See the Info Archive folder for full info on the Export. The SLRM has a very different dial face, but Scott had a lot of SLRM sets in production as the war came to an end - it is possible many of the SLRM parts were used to build the Export, rather than throw them away. It is a fairly rare set, far more rare than the SLRM.


Points taken fellas, but case to be made for a “descriptive”  identification. I’ve never seen any paperwork or advertisement so argue the “SLR” portion respectively remain and “Marine” replaced by “High Fidelity”. No one could argue the topology relative equivalence, RF tube enclosure most significant. One things for sure, this is one quiet, sensitive set.


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