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I've been doing a lot of detailed work on some Scott sets lately and I've had the opportunity to notice numerous small differences between sets of the same model.

THis phot is one example...I've seen a number of Allwave Deluxe (12 tube) sets over the years. The dial on the left is (was) blue on the logging scale. The one on the right is more commonly found on AW12 sets. Does anyone else have a dial split in half, blue/white, vs the all white "mother of pearl" look?

Also: on the AW12 Deluxe sets, the tuning knob and drive are mounted on the capacitor on the left as you face the set. For the AW15 and AW23 sets, the tuning drive is always mounted on the right. 

Can anyone disprove the 2nd observation with a set?

You have to love custom built radios!!


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I'm pretty confident that all AW-12 Deluxe dials were blue/white to start with.  Over time and with exposure to light the blue and white both fade to clear.  Here is what an NOS AW-12 Deluxe dial scale looks like


My AW-12 w AVC late production (W-114) has the blue/white mother of pearl dial strip.

The blue has faded to a faint grey, but is still noticeable.

I say "late" version AVC model because all 6 pins of the set plug (instead of only 5) are is use with a revised audio path to the amp by 6 wire cable, with amp wired to accept the revised audio path on pin 6.

OK, so I took a good light and looked at all the AW12 Deluxe sets I have here. I can see a very faint line in each, most of the ones I have are so faded you can't tell they had a blue (or any) stripe. The set I have on the Napier is the worst - only a very small area at one end even gave a hint of the different shading. 

The one I pictured above is (by FAR) the most noticeable one I have ever seen. I'll concede Norman's point that this is true for all 12 Deluxe sets.


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