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 I put this together so I can work on sets without having the amp and speaker up on the bench.  They fit, but it is nicer without them up there taking up space and blocking test equipment.   I used two 3 wire shielded cables.  I did connect both shields together on both ends, but was worried about ground loops and figured I could always just disconnect one shield at one end.   I just tested it on my AM/FM Philharmonic and it works excellent.  It is just under 8' long.  Just another tool to contribute to the madness. 

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Not quite the same, but I made a couple "crossover" cables, allowing me to operate an early (round plug) tuner on a later (Jones plug) amp, and the reverse - late tuner into a round plug amp.

Also handy for the earlier 1930's models.  

I made up extension set extension cables with 6 pin, 7 pin and octal sockets for sets and/or speakers.

Nice way to use non-Jones with Jones plug equipped sets, and avoid the trouble trying to change out amp sockets.

Very nice idea! I may have to fabricate something like that, as my work bench isn't very big...and due to time constraints in life, large sets tend to linger on the bench for several months sometimes.

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