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Youtube video with EH Scott listening to AW 23

Maybe you all have already seen this video but I just stumbled across it this morning so I thought that I would share.

It includes footage of EH Scott listening to a Laureate Grand Allwave 23, Allwave 23s in other cabinets and footage of a family listening to a Philco 680X.

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Very interesting!! Too bad we don't know what they are listening to...

I hadn't seen this before - VERY interesting. There are a couple of Scott's here, and EH himself is very interesting. Thank you for the link!


Thanks for sharing.

Scott cabinets included:

Laureate Grande 7 knob AW-23  with post Summer 1937 style dial insert,

Milton Grande (twice) with couple, him with cigar, - another late AW-23

Gothic Grande, showing just the speaker grill.

Roslyn Grande, just the speaker grill (Chinese Modern style cabinet with doors).

Warrington, just the speaker grill.

Mr Scott and the other folks have such a serious expression. guessing late 1937 or early 1938 (before the Philharmonic was introduced Spring 1937. Could be European news or perhaps one of FDR's economic talks.

I placed the movie as 1936...the Philco 680X is also a 1936 set, as is the Allwave 7 knob. The little Emerson is a 1934 set.

I noted the serious looks right away. It's hard to imagine what this could have been made for even with multiple Scott models and grills shown.

My bad. The AW-23 dial insert revision was mid 1936, not 1937.

I"m trying to find out more about this clip and have exchanged email with the submitter. I'll let you all know what I find out.


I have purchased a HD copy of this film. The images of Mr. Scott and the radios will undoubtedly appear in more of my writings. Here are two quick screen grabs for your enjoyment.

The gentleman with the cigar is Murray Clay.

I also think the video of E H Scott and Clay was made at the 4450 Ravenswood address.  The wall paper in the Clay spot is the same as I have seen in other photos.

I wondered...I thought he looked familiar. I wonder who the woman is - I'll have to look at the company mployee photos to see if I can identify her. 

SO, this may have bee a Scott produced film demonstrating careful listening test of Scott models against a serious competitor like an upscale Philco (?).

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