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Available for sale or trade: 2.5-volt blue Arcturus Wunderlich tubes used in the Allwave Deluxe with AVC and in early Allwave Fifteen receivers, $60.00 or trade. Tuner chassis parts for Full Range High Fidelity receivers (AW-23) and Philharmonic receivers (no chrome, knobs, dials, Philharmonic pointers, or escutcheons), inquire. Speakers for Allwave Deluxe and Allwave Fifteen, inquire if serious.

Wanted: Good blue Arcturus type 32 or 132 tubes. Brown bakelite plug and socket used between speakers on the Allwave Deluxe with dual speaker option. Complete, clean Allwave Fifteen tuner and power supply chassis. Early Worlds Record Super 9 receiver in any condition. Any Lincoln receiver, power supply, or speaker from 1924 through 1936.

Add your buy, sell, trade to this discussion if interested!


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I am looking for a 12 in speaker for an AW23. I have a 12 in speaker for an AW15 as a trade item. Thanks for any leads or offers!

I'm going to add to my list...I am still looking for an AW23 12 in speaker. I have any of the following for trade toward a restorable AW23 speaker:

12 in speaker for AW12/15
AW12 2-dial power supply
Laureate power supply
Sixteen power supply
Phantom Deluxe tuner chassis
AW12 Deluxe tuner chassis
AW23 late tuner chassis

(all chassis mentioned here are restorable, chrome is average to good, depending)

and as most of you know, I've got a lot of rough parts chassis if you need anything else. Please let me know if you have a speaker for my AW23. Thanks!

I have recently obtained a very healthy supply of 1/8"-3/16" nickel plated brass hollow rivets. These are the size that I use most for rebuilding Scott chassis after replating. I am willing to sell small lots of these for restoration of Scott sets for a reasonable price. If interested, please e-mail directly. My e-mail address is my last name in plural at sbcglobal dot net.

Also, I am seeking a Scott World's Record Super 9, of the version in the large portable cabinet. I am willing to trade a very nice Philharmonic AM pointer dial set in a Warrington console.


Time to revive this thread...


I am in need of two Selectone coils, the square ones number B-520. If anyone can help me locate two B-520 transformers, I will trade other good, useful, rare Scott items I have available.


Thanks!! Kent

I am trying to manage my collection and find that I have too many of the same radios.  Therefore I am offering for sale a very nice AW12 Deluxe housed in an early Tasman cabinet.


The cabinet is in great shape.  There are a few scratches on the top (the lacquer not the wood is scratched).


The chrome on the tuner is very, very nice.  The chrome chassis on the power supply has some rust.


All tubes with the exception of the Wunderlich have been tested and replaced as required.


The tuner has been recapped. This unit has the dual speakers.


The radio is currently in use and plays very well.


The radio plays very well.  Asking price $2000. 



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