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Everyone....I have finally spent some time getting Google Drive set up and I have created a couple folders of useful things that any of you can download. Go to this link:

(I'd suggest you cut/paste it and then bookmark it!)

You will find folders for Scott News issues and also "Set Folders" with manuals and data. Most everything is PDF, so grab Acrobat reader if you don't already have it. Let me know if you encounter any problems. You won't find this by doing a web search, I have limited access to those that have the exact link only (which is this group only!)....good luck!

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I just added a folder of cabinet photos too....more to come as I can!

What a great resource! Thanks a million.


Very nice work.Thanks ;-)


Thanks very much for doing this. 

Always interested in finding out as much as possible about these radios.


Thanks for the great information source; it really helps a new Scott collector like me (I acquired a 7 knob AW -23 recently, but haven't started working on it). 


A question for you.  I reviewed the chematic for my radio (that you posted in the source) and saw symbols for resistors and, for example, 250000, with a W with rounded bottoms (Atwater Kent schematics, and probably others, use this W symbol).  However, there are some components with symbols for resistors, with very low resistances (e.g., .1, .5) and the actual ohm symbol.  An example is at the 7:00 o'clock position of the Beat Osc tube.  Should we be concerned with these latter resistors?  Or, maybe they are only higher resistance wires?  I've only seen resistors down to 1 ohm.

   Thanks for any assistance...Skip


These low values are resistances in megaohms.


Kent great work thanks for spending the time to do this!Iprinted out all the Scott New!Kent on Philharmonic  Pointer Dial  manual  some of the pages are very light and cant be read like the power amp and parts of the reciever. Thanks again  Angelo : )

Thanks all...Angelo, I know that some of these are not great, as we find better copies, I will try to update and clean up some of the materials. Right now, I was working from existing archive materials, I have not started pulling out my materials to scan yet.

Great start. (just back from a trip and took a look). Opened a few in each of the 3 folders.

Noted -  Scott News section sort is by month, then year. Possible to have sort by year first, then month?  

-Dave Poland

Kent thats good no worries.Ithink the pages that are light are in Riders i will have to check.Now i have to read ALL of the Scott News, lol haha.Thats a lot of reading! Angelo : )

Angelo - I hate to tell you, that is only a fraction of all the Scott News I know of....I just have these scanned.

Dave - It's sorted by file name...I suppose I can come up with a naming that will get the year first...

Kent haha well just how many did they print? Haha it will be a good project to read all .I noticed they had 2 names  Scott News  and The Scott News.Did they print them every month ? Ones i would like would be up till they changed hands or up till last 800B was made.Kent i will try and get a good photo of my Waverly Grande cabinet for you it does not have the side openings on it ..You should have a photo of my Warrington Allwave Deluxe cabinet Angelo

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