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Over 20 years ago, I started photocopying and cataloging magazine articles and ads for Scott radios. I tried to create an index for these as well. This past weekend, I finally scanned in all the photocopies of ads and articles - almost 600 pages. I've organized it by year, each year leads with an index. The quality of the earlier photocopies isn't great, sorry. 

All data is in the "Magazine Items" folder

I KNOW there are errors in the index data and the various items - if you spot something out of order/missing/not indexed - please send me a note so I can fix it. All these files are OCR scanned, so you can do word searches across the files to look for specific info. If you have items I do not have listed/shown, make a good copy and send it with the reference notes, I'll get it added. 

Thanks and enjoy!


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Thank you Kent. 

Wow Kent! This is great! Thanks a bunch!

Awesome, Kent! Thanks... I've been collecting radios for nearly 25 years but only recently have started collecting a few E.H. Scott sets, and I sure appreciate the work that you and other long-time Scott enthusiasts have done to preserve the history and info of these incredible works of art. All the best to you!

Hi Kent. These files appear to be locked. How does one get access?

what message do you get when you try to access them? Can you provide a screen shot?

Thomas Day said:

Hi Kent. These files appear to be locked. How does one get access?

I was just able to open an item in the Magazine Items folder.

Got the "wheel of death" for about 10 seconds, then contents began for the several page item.

Works fine for me, I click on the Magazines, it opens, click on an item, it waits about 20 sec to load then displays the articles.

Hi Kent. I was able to open the files using the Google search app.  Lots of great information, thanks for taking the time to add all of it.


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