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I'd like some member input here!

Our current provider doesn't have an ideal format for what we need/use for our web site. Some folks post to blogs, some to forums. Forum messages are all lumped together. We don't make great use of the photos area. No members really set up their own pages. Finally, the archive is actually off on another service (largely invisible to most of you). So.....

I am considering moving and restructuring the web site. What I propose to build is the following:

General web site with the info-archive folders readily available. 

Some sort of a Photos area (things to keep beyond the forum posts)

Closed forum area (members only). Forum categories to include:

    General Questions

    For Sale/Wanted

    Scott History

    Scott Competitors (Lincoln, M-S)

    Restoration Topics

What else would you like to see? Does the site being "mobile friendly" help anyone?

PLEASE - send me your thoughts!


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Kent sounds good to me.Pattern it like ARF does...Angelo

My only thing would be the Scott info pages. It takes several 'jumps' to find the pages you want, and it isn't really all that intuitive to search.  Every thing else you propose sounds good. We appreciate the work and time it takes to keep this site running.


So that is one of the things I want to fix. It's not totally obvious, but when you click that link, you land in a read-only google drive folder. I want to move that content out into more conventional web pages.


I like members only.

I like the idea of a separate  For Sale/Wanted  area.

Question:  Would Scott History be the current Archive Info section, or something else?

I like ability to post photos either in a general Photo section or into a discussion thread.

I like retaining the separate curated photo section.

How about a curated chassis model photo section.

Retain the key word search capability. 

You be able to retain past FORUM history? Searchable?

I like a separate section for non-Scott items (high end competitors).

Preserving the content here may be an issue. This site doesn't provide any easy way to archive the information, another issue I am trying to resolve. Depending on space/costs, we may be able to do more with photos. Storage requirements are a direct cost for web sites. I'm not trying to save money (it may cost a bit more)...I want to make it more functional. Thanks for the inputs.

One of my favorite sites is the website, with the Philco Phorum being my main focus.  Perhaps it's just because I've been there the longest and am the most used to it.

Hi Kent,

I do use various web site/forums, and works the best. And it is mobile-device compatible.

For non-radio web sites, I am also on various car groups, and is also a site that is well organized, as far as forums go. They don't focus on pictures as much as I like, except if you start your own gallery. And pictures need to be sized smaller to upload. But the topic areas are well divided, and its easy to navigate.  



Preserving previous discussions would be of utmost importance as there is a lot of good info in discussion threads.  I am not a fan of the blog posting.  I think just having forum section is best. 

I think giving the amount of activity here, having 5 sub-forums may be too many, especially if you need to click on each one to see if there is activity. 

I like David's idea of having a photo section by model if at all possible.  A section with pictures of each style cabinet would be great also.   It would help new people identify what they have.

Maybe having a resource area listing suppliers of restoration products/services would be good? 

As for mobile, it would be nice, but on my iPhone I click on "desktop view" from the upper right hand menu and the site usually works fine.

I hate the 15 minute edit time frame.  Sometimes it is nice to add/revise your post to add/clarify information.  We went thru this on the ARF and most wanted to keep unlimited editing, and it seems to work well for all.  Of course, it gets abused occasionally on the ARF, but there are many times more active members and fly-by-nights over there. 

Just a thought...I see the odd post or picture regarding Scott competitors like McMurdo or Midwest.  It would be interesting to have a "competitor" area, to post pictures and/or information and questions regarding these and other high end sets. I think many of us collect other makes as well. 

It could even include the Philco 37/38 690 series...   **runs away**

no need to run, I once owned a 37-690...but it is long gone. I do have a Lincoln on a shelf somewhere. Good idea, thanks!

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