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Hi, I have been thinking about putting a aw23 in in this cabinet but I do not want to do that if it will make it worth less because I have modified it


It came with a aw12 with very rusty chrome and right now I have a aw15 in there
I removed the BFO button so I would not have to drill the cabinet

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I gather from the pics that the cabinet is refinished? It looks a bit light compared to original cabinets, but you never know what variations Scott might have sold. The first question would be - will the knobs all line up except the two (or 4) you'll need to drill to get the set in? I haven't compared the 23 and the 12/15 for alignment. Personally, I don't think it will devalue it much if the work is done nicely. 


I don't think it's the original finish. this is how it looked when i bought it on Ebay in 2011 all i did to it was add the "Z" in the middle of the grill and repair some of the veneer on the bottom I would not do the switch unless the existing holes do line up.

Is the cabinet deep enough (front to back) to house an AW-23?  The AW-23 requires a deeper cabinet to hold the tuner chassis and to accommodate the power amplifier behind the pedestal speaker.


looks like the amp would stick out about 1-1/4. The tuners are all the same size

the aw23 speaker is about 1" deeper than the aw15 speaker

the cabinet is about 12-1/4" deep inside

I could screw a 1-1/4" piece of wood on the back of the bottom but I'm not sure I want to do that

although it could be easily removed 

I guess that why I've never seen an aw23 Lido

Scott built different size cabinets of the same model to hold different chassis. The Tasman is a great example - the regular one and the extra large for the Philly. I once had 3 different size of Waverly here - I am not aware of a larger version of the Lido, but it's possible. And what you talked about with the extension on the cabinet: I have seen these in original setups on some of the smaller cabinets. So it isn't wrong to do what you are proposing.


looks like it would fit

My original panels for an AW-12 and AW23 line up well for the holes for the AW-12. 

So be a matter of drilling the additional holes. May need to adjust the 2 control escutcheons a bit. 

My early AW-23 cabinet catalog includes the LEDO (and NAPIER) -but as "Tone Truth" versions with the side grills.

Sometime mid 1934, the cabinet veneer was changed from the darker veneers to the lighter veneer featuring DAO wood. 

do check cabinet depth with an AW-23 speaker, not the AW-12 speaker in your photo.

Thank you! for checking out the alignment of the holes for the controls. that's what I thought the aw23 speaker is deeper so for this to fit i would have to add a shelf to move the power supply up like in this pic

You want to keep the power transformer away from the tuner audio section.

So reverse the power supply so power transformer is on the left as you face the back of the cabinet.

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