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I am redoing my workspace and found these speakers among all my Scott stuff.  The tag says they go with my Phantom, but I don't think that is correct as I have not been able to find any reference to twin 12 inch speakers. Anyone know what these to go to. 



Here are some of the specifics:

Magnavox Speaker I2CI3I 12 inch, non-pedestal, good cone, FC good, no AOT but paired with one that does, 250 ohms, spec 1-D-1421, #581421
Magnavox Speaker 302 12 inch, non-pedestal, good cone, FC good, has an AOT and paired with #581421, 260 ohms, spec 1-D-1422, #581422

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Well, I've seen plenty of Phantoms using one of the 12 inch speakers like that - I've got several here myself. The double pair is odd, but possible (with Scott, all things are possible!). I'd study how the field coils are wired - that will be the important part of that setup. If the fields work out, it could be a nice sounding arrangement for a Phantom.


Thanks, Kent.  Anyone else out there ever seen this arrangement of twin 12 inch speakers?


Hi Joe - interesting.

Scott was a custom set builder. Or perhaps someone did a modification later on?

Some radio/phono credenzas had a large enough speaker grill to accommodate two 12 inch speakers.

Your #302 main speaker with octal plug has 2 field coils & is correct for a 19 tube PHANTOM amp using 6V6s. 

(The Scott model Sixteen and Masterpiece use the same speaker, but not the 20 tube Phantom Deluxe)

Appears the 2nd speaker is hard wired to the 1st. Wonder how 2nd field coil was wired in - perhaps substituted for one of the primary speaker's 2 fields? Does 2nd speaker have two field coils, or just one?

For that output transformer, my experience is about 50 % chance primary half of primary is open.

Any reason to believe they even came from a Scott?  Lot of tape on those plug leads.  Maybe this was cobbled together? 

good observation Scott. I actually have a that Magnavox  speaker with that decal and 250 ohm field on the shelf. And 250 ohm field is way low for a Scott Phantom.

Here is the correct Scott 19 tube Phantom speaker - with Scott decal. IMG_0314.jpeg

I just checked them.  Audio output is good 200 ohms total, 100 ohms each side. Field coil on the "302" is 254 ohms, FC on the other is 246 ohms.  They are wired in series and measure 500 ohms. Here is a pic of the other side of the sound board.  I think the pair were manufactured as is.  The plug has been added, so Scott you may be right that this wasn't an original Scott speaker.  If not, any ideas on what set might have used it?  I think this set of speakers may have come from Eric Sanders by way of Collin in Effingham, IL.



I believe that combination of Magnavox twin speakers were used in a couple of top-line Westinghouse sets circa 1948. I repaired an H-117 that was missing it's speaker, and in researching which one to buy, this twin combination came up in the schematics as being used in the H-119. Possibly used in other Westinghouse sets as well.


I believe your speaker is probably for a Westinghouse. When I was looking for one, I too found the 250 ohm field to be odd. I finally located the correct Magnavox one from Play Things of The Past in Ohio (?)

Thanks for the info, Brad.  I can't confirm they are from the Westinghouse H119 or its sisters.  I looked at pics online and none really matched the speaker cloth on the sound board exactly.  Also, on mine the two speakers are hard-wired together (no connector as shown on the H-119 schematic.)

Also, the Westinghouse uses a 6 pin connector.  Someone has added another wire and made it a 7 pin connector so I think it has been used as a Scott speaker somehow.  I will be checking the various Scott schematics to see is if any use a 7 pin speaker connector with a 500 ohm field coil (these FCs are each about 250 ohm and wired in series.)

Magnavox "Berkeley", 1938.  Ad reproduced in Flick of the Switch.



I think you have it!.  I found the Magnavox Berkeley but it is 1948 vs. 1938.  Also found it on Nostalgia Air as Model CR-198.  The schematic looks like it matches my twin speakers.  Thank you.


CR-198 is a tuner chassis that was offered in the Hepplewhite and Modern Symphony cabinets.  I know that the Berkeley cabinet was available pre-war but am unsure if it was available after.  I have early Magnavox manuals but unfortunately they do not have cabinet photos.  Also, I am unsure Magnavox was using the same speaker design and graphics as late as 1948.  They do identify which chassis went in which cabinets by name.


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