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Will a Welllington cabinet fit a FM Philharmonic?

The AM FM Philharmonic I bought recently came without a cabinet, but it does have the speaker baffle (with the 2 tweeters & flange mounted 15", aka the HiFi option) and the front face board with the dial glass & escutcheon and all the knob escutcheons. Based on what I can tell, this came out of a Warrington.

There's a local person that has a FM Phantom in a Wellington cabinet, looks to be a 12" speaker with cutouts for the tweeters but no tweeters. See eBay item 293954237321. He doesn't show the front but I messaged him and got 2 pictures of the front.

Could I make this work for my Philly? i.e., could I remove the Phantom's face board & speaker baffle and put mine in?


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Cabinets of different dimensions were made for the different Scott models.  This being said, it was not unknown for Scott to provide a Philharmonic cabinet for a Phantom if no Phantom cabinets were available at the time of the order.  You would have to measure it up.  The depth of the cabinet (back of face board to back of cabinet) will make or break the possibility of using the cabinet.  The Philharmonic tuner chassis will stick out the back of a Phantom cabinet by about 1.5-inches.  Next, check the inside width of the tuner chassis compartment.  I have seen more than one instance of a Philharmonic chassis jacked into a Phantom cabinet because the installer forgot to account for the height of machine screws on the sides of the chassis.


AS Norman says, check the dimensions.

I have a 1940 price list late enough to list the FM Philharmonic & photo of the "New Wellington" cabinet just like your image.

This cabinet ($30 then) is among those that fit all Scott receivers including the Philharmonic. Tallest cabinet offered, too.

Price list says dimensions are 47.5" high x 29.5" and 18.5"  deep. Also, says will accommodate the automatic record player.

You should be able to remove the control wood panel, but you will need to make a new panel. 

Karl, I would be all over that like white on rice.  You can easily sell the chassis set and have a free cabinet.  

I have a Philly in that cabinet and the chassis does stick out the back by about an inch.  Is it possible that my cabinet may have been intended for or robbed from a Phantom?

Quote possibly...Phantom or one of the smaller sets, depends on the cabinet. 

Robert Feenstra said:

I have a Philly in that cabinet and the chassis does stick out the back by about an inch.  Is it possible that my cabinet may have been intended for or robbed from a Phantom?

So I went to look at the set yesterday.

The cabinet was in poor shape and only 16" from the back of the face board to the rear; just as you said Robert, my chassis would stick out about an inch.

The chassis was a lot worse than what you see - deep rust, throughout, and it was a later model as it had the Jones plugs.

The speaker was the best of all - a 12" original cone, no rips, tears, but I didn't bother to test the VC for continuity.

I passed on it, nothing that I could use.

That is too bad.  I can tell the cabinet needed a refinish, but the chassis set did not look all that bad.  Like I always say, everything looks better in a picture than in real life.....

So, just to close on this, I did purchase the whole set. The cabinet will need work, and I'll need to make up a new face board as mine is shorter than the one in the Wellington.

That said, I'm parting out the FM Phantom set. I'll open a new post for that.



For cutting plywood these blades are really good,

the teeth are set inwards, there is almost no saw tear out and they cut curves a treat, I used them for cutting the front panel when I fitted my Philharmonic into a Tasman cabinet

Thanks Mike, appreciate the info!

The Philharmonic panels are 3/8" thick with a rabbit cut behind the dial escutcheon.  Not a common thickness in hardwood ply.  I would get a piece of quality 1/4" ply and veneer on that, balancing the front and back.  There are still thicker veneers out there to be had.  This place carries 1/16" thick veneers:,%20AMERI....

Is 9mm birch ply available in the USA, That's what I used for my philharmonic readily available here in the UK.

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