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agc transformer

Started this discussion. Last reply by Brad Winder Jun 12, 2022. 4 Replies

Working on my Phantom I decided to remove and replace the caps in the agc amplifier transformer. When I removed the transformer I found that the coil was damaged with half of the winding missing and…Continue

re cone a phantom speaker

Started this discussion. Last reply by David C. Poland Mar 23, 2022. 2 Replies

I have a Magnavox speaker from a Scott phantom to repair,it is fitted…Continue

Making a field coil speaker

Started this discussion. Last reply by mike hadley Jun 13, 2021. 3 Replies

After rebuilding both permanent magnet and field coil speakers the next step for me was to build a field coil speaker from the bottom up,besides there is an awful lot of radios out there without the…Continue

30 into 23 will go

Started this discussion. Last reply by Thomas Day Sep 24, 2019. 3 Replies

I thought that I would like to share the last installment of my Philharmonic,the cabinet started life as an Allwave 23 Tasman, but the radio has sadly long gone, and there was some horrible…Continue


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mike hadley replied to Thomas Lager's discussion Phantom Deluxe dead oscillator & RF Amp
"here is a photo of the undersise of my Phantom in the rarly stages of restoration, the two modules that dave is referring to can be seenone mounted on the rear apron and the other nest to the center divider, these can be a swine to get out but they…"
mike hadley replied to Jay Forbes's discussion Philharmonic -- AC uA Meter
"I have tried both alignment with a wobbulator and the method posted by Norman both work. The meter needs to be dc as you are looking at the signal after the detectors and the signal here is dc, over here in the UK the nearest I could get to a 30ua…"
Jan 14
mike hadley replied to Joe Miller's discussion AW 15 Amp Problem
"Joe; Unfortunately all of the bathtubs are riveted in, as my aw15 was in such a mess when it came into my ownership I decided to restuff the bathtubs. They all have soldered on backs and they are all potted in tar, there are two caps that I didnt…"
Dec 22, 2023
mike hadley replied to Joe Miller's discussion AW 15 Amp Problem
"Hi Joe, The Bathtubs mounted on the rear wall backs are filters they consist of a choke and cap, the backs are soldered on, once removed the filter networkcan be seen The choke is on the right and the paper cap is on the left in the photo, be…"
Dec 21, 2023
mike hadley replied to Joe Miller's discussion AW 15 Amp Problem
"The earlier schematic that Joe was refering to was the result of not having the correct diagram for my aw15, I put it together from the Riders documentation and included a decent image…"
Dec 20, 2023
mike hadley replied to douglas wright's discussion Scott all wave 15
"Does your chassis have variable sensivity or is it switched, if so how many positions."
Dec 2, 2023
mike hadley replied to Kent King's discussion AW23 alignment issue
"As alex stated first thing is to check that the local oscillator is ok, a scope would be good but a frequency counter would be better as you only have a 20-30 Khz drift. once this is checked start looking at the IF, there could be a problem with one…"
Nov 27, 2023
mike hadley replied to Kent King's discussion AW23 alignment issue
"I take it you have checked the HT after the regulatotr tubes is stable and the 75k grid resistor is ok, I once had one drift high when warm, If the radio is ok on the other wave bands then it would suggest the oscillator circuit is ok, try swappping…"
Nov 26, 2023
mike hadley replied to mike hadley's discussion homemade parts escutcheons bezels etc
"Douglas, Check your inbox Mike"
Nov 25, 2023
douglas wright replied to mike hadley's discussion homemade parts escutcheons bezels etc
"Is anyone currently making these reproduction escutcheons for sale?"
Nov 25, 2023
mike hadley replied to Troy Taylor's discussion Restoring prewar FM tuner
"Hi Troy, What's needed is either a decent photograph or a scan of an original, then the rest is fairly easy to do, photo etch on brass Is probably the way to go, then plated with nickel and the background blackened. Mike"
Sep 4, 2023
mike hadley commented on Kent King's blog post Volume Expander
"Possibly an attempt to alter the frequency response of the 6a7 but there would also be an effect on overall gain this would give a loss of control from the 76 tube because the cathode potential of the 6a7 would be higher. Another thought, has the…"
Mar 5, 2023
mike hadley commented on Bret Menassa's blog post Philharmonic cabinet near Little Rock
"I get the hint, I have a mold let's see if I can do anything."
Aug 25, 2022
Brad Winder replied to mike hadley's discussion agc transformer
"Wow! Amazing work!!"
Jun 12, 2022
Alex R. Whitaker replied to mike hadley's discussion agc transformer
"Very, very nice work.  I loved the technical data you provided.  "
Jun 7, 2022
Scott Seickel replied to mike hadley's discussion agc transformer
"Excellent Mike, as usual. "
Jun 6, 2022

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At 6:29pm on February 28, 2020, mike hadley said…


Thank heaven for Hammond, my Mcmurdo v had the tone stack hacked out, long before the set came into my possession, I ran the tone schematic through ltspice to get the inductor values, Mouser provided.

I now have accumulated parts to build the combined psu and amp, luckily I have enough bench supplies to prove the radio is working.

I quite often find that if you keep chipping away, rather than tearing into a project, it allows thinking time. This helps to find the best way around a problem.

And as you know I found a way around the seven pin socket problem for my Philly a while ago.


At 5:27pm on February 28, 2020, Thomas Day said…
Mike: Nice power supply. I can source a similar used Heathkit supply here on Ebay.
I worked for them from 1967 thru 1974. I left in 1975. Here, Hammond transformer company makes suitable transformers for tube equipment at reasonable prices. I also have several Hammond organ Leslie amplifiers that have a balanced input. Since I would also need 6.3 volts at 5 amps for the filaments, a complete transformer supply would be better. When I bought my Allwave 23, the one question I didn't ask was does it work? The answer as I found out was no. The power transformer had a shorted winding. Thru this list I was able to find a company in Michigan that could wind a new one. Took several months, and since we go the Muskegon Mi. in October, and the company is on the way, I was able to pick up the new one. Minor construction differences required a custom mount, but it works just fine. For my needs, I would only need the tuner B+ and -20 volts for the bias circuits. I would also need to source the 7 pin socket to match the tuner plug. Since it is different from the standard 7 pin, that could be hard to find. I enjoy your posts on restorations.

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