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Hi guys,

I have a line on one of these in a Warrington cab. The chrome is in very nice condition and the cabinet is clean. I'm looking for opinions on what this should go for? I'm thinking of putting in an offer. SN looks like "Z"-634.

Thanks, Bill

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NICE.  and great cosmetics.  A rare model, Last I knew, Kent had about a dozen of this model in his serial number database.

With those style eye escutcheons, I suspect a later build. Kent has the subsequent serial number (Z-635) on his data base as an AW-27 as well. Your photo has the extra long amp as expected, to accommodate the pair of driver tubes displaced from the receiver. And appears to have the expected 15 inch pedestal speaker in lieu of the 12 inch of the normal AW-23.

Did not realize the Warrington cabinet could accommodate the extra long amp, Several AW-27's have appeared  in a Waverly cabinet.

I will not suggest a value. however. But somewhat more than an equally nice AW-23 example. I consider the Warrington cabinet an entry level cabinet as it is 1) commonly seen and 2) was low cost at $30 (and sometimes offered free) compared with number of other cabinets Scott offered at considerable higher cost. The optional tweeters add to value if present.

I have a an AW 27 in a Warrington cabinet.  Do you know if the tweeters are present or ever were present?


This one has the 15" pedestal but no tweeters. It appears as though the original blocking plates are still there.


This thread might be of interest to you.

Thanks Scott, that helps.

Scarce set, I really like them. Oddest part of the AW27 is the complete lack of info on these. Scott published so much stuff on his sets, yet these are truly orphans for documentation. Basically, an AW23 with a built in expander and a 15 in speaker, it is a super sounding set.

So..this is a new serial number, and it makes the 20th AW27 I have in the list. The ones we have are interspersed in the AW23 numbers, but in clumps. This number makes the clump in the Z prefix significant: We now have Z 630, 632, 634 and 635 as AW27 sets; but Z-637 is not. 

Very nice!

Good to know Kent. I'd love to pick it up however, I think that what the current owner wants will be too rich for my pocket.

There were some "Quaranta" labeled schematics packed near the radio. I have the copies and will send them forward as soon as I return home from my business trip.



Thanks for making copies of the schematics available.  I have already learned of some interesting things from the photos you sent.  Of significance, it appears the Clifford Coon designed the circuit that was approved by Murray Clay.  This may indicate that Murray Clay was not hired to replace Clifford Coon as chief engineer but was Hired in a new position between Clifford Coon and EH Scott.  The other possibility is that the circuit had been designed by Clifford Coon prior to his departure and approved by Murray Clay after his departure.  Either way, Clifford Coon was responsible for the design rather than Murray Clay who we believed was responsible until the new schematics surfaced.



I'm happy to help in tracing the history of this fascinating company.

regards, Bill

Is this the rarer 15" cast basket speaker ? The set is on its way to Moline soon.

That looks like the stamped basket version to me.  The spokes of the cast basket version have a different geometry.


Cast basket version of AW-27 speaker...

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