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Discussion topic: Everybody has different tastes, but what are your absolute favorite Scott cabinets? If there was just one cabinet you could get for your collection which would it be? I'll start: the one I have always wanted is a Valencia (regular or grande, I'm not choosey!). My top 5 favorites are:

Valencia, Milton, Roslyn, Westerly and Braeside. (these also can be regular or grande!)....

What are your favorites??

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For me it's a Warrington cabinet with a Philharmonic inside. I've admired this set since I first saw a picture of it in early 1975. Finally acquired one recently, too.

IMO there are 2 groups of Scott cabinets:

1-Those that are commonly found

2-Those that are rarely seen either because of original cost or limited production.

My personal favorites in each group are:

1-the later WARRINGTON for its understated elegance in design. It was used from the AW15 era up till the end of the pre-war chassis. These are common as far as Scott cabinets go but for good reasons that are still true. A clean design that is still a great looker.

2-The rare cabinet I hope to get some day is the WESTERLY in either the regular or the grande version. I know of one that may be for sale in the near future but I don't know if I can afford to buy it then. The veneers and inserts of chrome to me are stunning.

Most of my Scott collection are the more common sets with multiple examples of the Warrington (each with a different chassis) and some of the more rare ones too. Personally I like the round dials best also.

I think my all time favorite is the Laureate Grand. I have an allwave 23 in the Waverly cabinet. It is right at home in our 1926 dining room. It would be interesting to know what it would cost to reproduce these cabinets today.

There are a lot of very nice cabinets.  

As for the top 5 (with the Clark reference numbers):  Roslyn (67), Laureate Grande (30) , Special Westerly (72) (the first couple years seem to have the more impressive veneers),  Chippendale (17) with a Philly (the console,not the later phono combination), and Imperial Grande (27).

The Roslyn is probably my favorite. Perhaps if I could at least see a color photo of the Valencia (79) or Warwick Grande (86), I might reconsider.

However, the early cabinets 1929-31 are a breed apart. The Chatham (16) with the oil painting ships on the doors, and the Versailles (81) dripping with 3 dimensional roping and inlays are both spectacular. And the Orleans (51) which actually turns up occasionally. 

Of these, I have a Roslyn, Laureate Grande and Orleans.

Ravinia Grand. Local collector has this model, and I get to see it often. I have a nice Philharmonic chassis and

speaker set ready to install.....

There were very few Scott cabinet choices that I would turn my nose up at. My favorites are:


#1 -  Laureate Grande with a Philharmonic (as in the announcement advert) Still looking for this one.

#2 - Ravinia Grande (Have one with a Phil XXX and It's the crown jewel of my collection, so far...)

#3 - Gothic Grande (Have one with a Phil FM. Over the top in design I know but love it anyway)


My friend has an Allwave 23 in a Roslyn that I always catch myself staring at. I don't expect to ever see a Valencia. Does anyone have one? Photo?


egards, Bill

That is a tough question given the different genres of cabinets that Scott offered.  My favorite genre is carved wood cabinets (not sirocco) followed by art deco cabinets that display woods and simple cabinets that state "I am a radio".  Of the carved cabinets, the Quaranta is unquestionably my favorite (  Of the art deco cabinets I am undecided between the Lemke Philharmonic, a Scott custom cabinet manufactured for the owner of the company believed to have provided wood veneers for Scott cabinets (, and the Imperial Grande with its birdseye maple, satinwood, and laurel ( with the Westerly and Roslyn Grande getting honorable mentions with their Japanese Tamowood and Brazilian Rosewood respectively (wood cabinet - and  Of the radios having cabinets stating "I am a radio" my favorites are the Warrington and Tasman with their very simple, attractive, well balanced, practical, and efficient designs.  A couple of my favorite cabinets that fall outside of these categories include the Chatham art cabinet ( and the most often viewed cabinet on this site, the pure art deco silver Special Westerly Grande cabinet included with the photo of the wood Westerly cabinet (link above).  Scott cabinets that I find interesting and important but not my favorites, several of which I have and have had examples of, include functional cabinets such as the bookcase model Stratford and models designed specifically to emulate older furniture styles such as the later Chippendale cabinets.


How about Scott Masterpiece in Louis XV cabinet?
I guess, that would be my favorite.

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