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Kent King
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Kent King's Discussions

Allwave 15 variations

Started Feb 7 0 Replies

I've had my AW15 in the Lido cabinet for over 30 years. Recently, it quit playing. This is significant because it was still sealed with rivets. To repair it, I was going to open a time capsule. I was…Continue

AW23 osc issue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kent King Feb 1. 9 Replies

Need ideas folks: I've got an AW23, fully restored, used to work well. Tried it this week and it powered up ok, but the neon VRs lit, dimmed as the tubes came alive and the went out. Set doesn't…Continue

Unusual amp chassis

Started this discussion. Last reply by Norman S Braithwaite Jan 23. 6 Replies

Folks - I have had this for years. I've asked before. We have a new, pretty active group here. What do you all think this might be. Speculate: what would the tube lineup be and why? I've long…Continue

Ravinia Grande cabinet

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bill Liers Dec 23, 2020. 4 Replies

Another collector on the forum asked if I had records on Ravinia Grande cabinets, how many and what sets...I haven't done that for any cabinet, but might be interesting to try with some of the…Continue


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Latest Activity

Kent King replied to Cody Serucsak's discussion Aw15 questions
"Thanks...D-334 is the entire serial number. I can't tell you a lot about the date on this set, no info in the D prefix. However, all the AW15 sets were built from March 1934 to about May/June 1935. Also, if you have not found it - the Scott…"
Apr 10
Kent King replied to Jim Sargent's discussion Scott radios at auction
"The Scott FM tuner converts the old FM band (41-50 MHz) to a phono input. You place the tuner near your set, connect the output to the phono input, and presto: you have FM. For modern purposes, it can be used the same way, I have an 88-108 to 45mHz…"
Apr 10
Kent King replied to Cody Serucsak's discussion Aw15 questions
"Cody - Do not power the power supply without it being connected to both the set and the speaker. The voltages will be too high without the load of the tuner and this can easily damage the amplifier. Scott sets must be fully connected before applying…"
Apr 10
Kent King replied to Jim Sargent's discussion Scott radios at auction
"Dave - I do know who bought the FM Tuner. I also own one. What would you like to know about them? Kent"
Apr 9
Kent King commented on Mike Baldwin's blog post Hello From a new Friend, 800B's Here
"Cabinet is in really great condition. The 800B is a good player and gets modern FM. Be sure to modify the amp to enhance the bass response (notes in another thread here on the site) Kent"
Mar 29
Kent King replied to Lars Edwards's discussion AW-12 Deluxe AVC-- IF alignment and part question
"If the meter moves when the set powers up, it is ok. Meter action is not as strong on the AW12 sets but once the alignment is done, you should see some action.  Kent"
Mar 27
Kent King replied to John Perry's discussion AW23 Power supply rebuild
"John - Yes, the AW23 sets are all the same, the power supplies are interchangeable. The set pins just need the 250v B+, the 20V bias voltage, ground, 6v filament and the two output Plate returns. That's the 7 pins... Kent"
Mar 27
Kent King replied to John Perry's discussion AW23 Power supply rebuild
"I'm going to add a VERY unusual problem I encountered today with an AW23. The set was playing well after recapping and alignment, except...every once in awhile, the dial light and all the tuner tube filaments would go dark. Usually after it ran…"
Mar 26
David C. Poland commented on Kent King's photo

Scott Escutcheon

"The first version escutcheon for the AC-10 and also the very rare Symphony models introduced 1929."
Mar 21
Kent King replied to Jim Sargent's discussion Scott radios at auction
"Thanks Jim - there are quite a few Scott items in the sale! I may have missed it, are there shipping options for smaller items? Kent"
Mar 21
Kent King replied to Bill Bryant's discussion AW 13 ?
"Great! I will take some time to really study the bottom view, but I can say for certain this set began life as a battery set. The lack of a divider resistor is one indicator, but also, as you face the set there are no capacitors mounted on the…"
Mar 20
Kent King replied to John Perry's discussion Scott AW23 tuner rebuild (pots)
"I just took a 23 apart last night. In this set (which has been worked on previously), the longer screws hold the tuning capacitor. The two on the smaller cover were the same length (fairly short).The longer of those were on the tuner cover. As long…"
Mar 19
Kent King replied to Bill Bryant's discussion AW 13 ?
"Bill - I'm inclined to agree, this probably started life as a battery set, circa 1932, maybe 1933. Once electricity arrived, someone probably rebuilt the set as a powered set. It would have been possible for them to change sockets, so I doubt…"
Mar 18
Kent King replied to John Perry's discussion Scott AW23 tuner rebuild (pots)
"The pots Scott used are fairly tight and many don't suffer from dusty noises...I still spray them gently with an electronic contact cleaner and run them back and forth a few times. Try the set when you get it done and see how the controls…"
Mar 18
Kent King replied to Jim Sargent's discussion Scott radios at auction
"Posting of Scott sets for sale or at auction is fine here. I checked the site but didn't see any pictures, etc. Is there a link to pics or other info? Kent"
Mar 17
Kent King replied to Bill Bryant's discussion AW 13 ?
"Bill - I very much doubt the 2A5 output tubes were used by Scott. I would expect your guess of the 27 or 56 to be closer, and the "final" amp would still be on the P/S chassis, probably a pair of 45s for that era. As Dave noted, I have an…"
Mar 17

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Kent King's Blog

The FM Phantom that wasn't

Posted on March 14, 2021 at 10:40pm 3 Comments

So this interesting chassis landed here this weekend, thanks to fellow member Dave Poland. He brought me a Phantom Deluxe, but I quickly realized, it was originally supposed to be an FM Phantom. In the first two pictures, note the plugged tube holes and the plugs and extra holes on the side of the chassis.…


AW23 Alignment issue

Posted on October 6, 2020 at 5:06pm 8 Comments

Looking for ideas - I haven't dug into this too far yet.

I recapped an AW23 (late) and I'm now working on the alignment. Voltage checks were in spec. IF alignment went right by the service data and trimmed out nicely. By the time I got back to the 1st IF, I had significantly reduced the generator output to keep the meter from going over - gain was excellent. On to AM band - 1400 trimmer is super close, slight tweak and then dial down to 600. At about 750, the two neon VR tubes…


Auction find

Posted on July 26, 2020 at 2:18pm 3 Comments

Picked up this one at an auction in Indiana. Disgustingly dirty, but salvageable. Had the 15 in speaker, tweeters, and a Tauscher sound board! Cabinet is good to start...the whole set will require a lot of work but will be saved.

Phish Tales

Posted on July 3, 2018 at 10:33am 0 Comments

All - The moderators removed an account that was a bit "phishy" today. We try hard to keep these folks off the forum, but every once in awhile, one gets in. Please ignore/delete any questionable messages and let's keep on talking Scotts!


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At 12:52am on July 29, 2018, Ralph Kearton said…

Hi Kent 

I'm Keen to get a copy or the collectors guide 

However I would need it shipped to NZ 

The eBay listing doesn't ship herec

Got any ideas as to. How I can get one 

I've just signed up to pay pal if that helps 

Cheers Ralph kearton

At 5:57pm on January 28, 2017, Kent King said…

that image is great! I will add it to the archive. Thank you!

At 2:50pm on January 28, 2017, Joseph W Strickland said…


I hope this attachment works. I finished the composite figures 26 and 30 for the Late version 800B. I found this helpful in tracing out the electric tuning arrangement of the 800B receivers.

JoeIf this turns out to not be satisfactory resolution and detail, let me know and I will try sending the *.pdf file which is 5.3MB.


At 1:58pm on January 14, 2017, Joseph W Strickland said…


I took a closer look at the Late 800B parts radio tuner chassis that I have. It is SN 6182 and I found its final test stamp inside the preset tuning assembly backplate and the date is Jan 15, 1947. So that one can be added to your database.

I took the time to take a good photo of the Late version 800B AM SW RF compartment underneath. This unit has never had any parts replaced in that area, so this part of it is unmolested. I had just noticed that the Early version SN 1035 that I have had already been worked on and there were some changes to bypass capacitor placement that I do not agree with. My intent is to put it back as close to original lead dress and parts placement as possible. Sometimes changes in part placement and lead dress can cause significant problems to develop and result in inability to properly align RF circuits.


At 7:34am on November 23, 2016, Kent King said…

Thanks you! I have added your cleaned up diagrams to the Scott Info Archive 800B folder. Your work is greatly appreciated!


At 4:50pm on November 21, 2016, Joseph W Strickland said…


Yes I am willing to contribute these for fellow members and others use. I enjoy doing this type of work. I was originally in product documentation at Collins Radio which included doing schematics.


At 8:00am on November 21, 2016, Kent King said…

Joe -

That's great...when you get them done, I will post them in the archive if you are willing. All such work helps everyone here. That is what this forum is all about!


At 1:04pm on November 20, 2016, Joseph W Strickland said…

I will be working on the late 800B schematics as time permits.


At 6:33pm on November 19, 2016, Joseph W Strickland said…


I have been cleaning up the schematic for the early (Feb. 1946) schematics for the 800B. Here are those two pages. I am working on another page that combines the radio tuner circuit and the electric tuning circuit on one page. The paper size is printable on 11 X 17 inch paper for the two files included here.




At 8:38am on December 28, 2013, Darrell Schneider said…

Hi Kent,

Working on pics and serial #'s, but what is meant by the term "Serbs"?

Thanks, Darrell


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