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Kent King's Discussions

Revise Web Site - Member Input WANTED

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kent King Aug 21. 10 Replies

I'd like some member input here!Our current provider doesn't have an ideal format for what we need/use for our web site. Some folks post to blogs, some to forums. Forum messages are all lumped…Continue

FM Tuner problem

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bill Liers Jun 20. 8 Replies

I am restoring my FM Tuner. I have discovered it is different than the factory diagram (not a huge surprise with Scott). Note the difference in the eye tube circuit - clearly original wiring, but…Continue

Scott items for sale

Started this discussion. Last reply by David C. Poland Jun 18. 19 Replies

I spoke with a gentleman yesterday who has a number of Scott items he wants to sell. If you have any interest in these, please message me and I can provide more info. I do not have…Continue

Just Friendly Chats (hereafter: JFC)

Started Jun 4 0 Replies

Over in the discussion on "Silver Ghosts", fellow member Doug Smith mentioned he has a copy of Just Friendly Chats. Given Doug's description, he has a very rare, hardbound version of JFC. I have the…Continue

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Kent King replied to Dave's discussion SLRM's New Home
"Dave - As Norman said, this is an Export set (we have no idea about the name). See the Info Archive folder for full info on the Export. The SLRM has a very different dial face, but Scott had a lot of SLRM sets in production as the war came to an end…"
Kent King replied to David Wilson's discussion McMurdo Silver 14-15
"David - I have one more item you might like, too large to upload here, I will emaIl you a copy. - Kent"
Chuck Wolf replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Thanks for the info!!!  The set is 100% complete I think?  I would Not break it up!  I'm mostly a 'coin-op' guy so I will probably put the set up for sale in the near future......Thanks again,  Chuck..."
Kent King replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Chuck - An early Philly, built before Sep 37...probably around early July based on estimated production. Set was introduced in April 37, so you have one of the first units. Keep that set together, it is a great example. Warrington cabinet looks…"
Chuck Wolf replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Kent,  The serial number on my Scott Philharmonic is:  AA72    Chuck..."
David Wilson replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"From what I read online, It looks like McMurdo Silver committed suicide in June of 1948 at the age of 45. His obituary attached below. "
Chuck Wolf replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Kent,  The serial number on my Scott Philharmonic is:  AA72   Chuck..."
Kent King replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"David - Your point about the economy is well taken: in 1938, Scott had to borrow $100K to stay afloat. He repaid it before the war, but the shift in the economy did hurt. Kent"
David Wilson replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"That's a great point you bring up on McMurdo Silver deserving credit for the implementing true high-fidelity speaker enclosure with bass reflex. I have a McMurdo V in the Oxford cabinet that was missing the orginal Jensen 18" speaker so we…"
Norman S Braithwaite replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"The letter writing campaign started with a potentially biased comparison of contemporary Scott, McMurdo Silver, and Lincoln receivers, the latter being a retired and updated laboratory (garage) test model.  Objectivity was clouded by the fact…"
David Wilson replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Wow... tell us how you really feel about Mr. Silver, Mr. Scott! That was some dressing down Mr. Scott was giving Mr. Silver in that letter. I guess in the 1930s the country was still on the dirt road when it came to developing what we call today…"
Oct 22
mike hadley replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Scott didn't have much time for Mcmurdo, there is an intresting letter here Mike"
Oct 22
Brad Winder replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"I guess I never thought of the use of the name in that sense. Thanks for that perspective!"
Oct 22
David Wilson replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"Interesting background on these models and take on the Scott use of the Masterpiece name. Thanks David!"
Oct 22
David C. Poland replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"I mean that 1) the fierce competitor custom radio McMurdo Silver having gone bankrupt and 2) Scott having bought certain McMurdo Silver assets, 3) and then Scott naming his smallest 1939 model, The Masterpiece, seems a bit like rubbing salt into a…"
Oct 21
Brad Winder replied to Kent King's discussion Scott serial numbers
"But is it a slam? Even the lowest model Scott produced would beat most other high end sets from almost any "Competitor""
Oct 21

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Kent King's Blog

AW23 Alignment issue

Posted on October 6, 2020 at 5:06pm 8 Comments

Looking for ideas - I haven't dug into this too far yet.

I recapped an AW23 (late) and I'm now working on the alignment. Voltage checks were in spec. IF alignment went right by the service data and trimmed out nicely. By the time I got back to the 1st IF, I had significantly reduced the generator output to keep the meter from going over - gain was excellent. On to AM band - 1400 trimmer is super close, slight tweak and then dial down to 600. At about 750, the two neon VR tubes…


Auction find

Posted on July 26, 2020 at 2:18pm 3 Comments

Picked up this one at an auction in Indiana. Disgustingly dirty, but salvageable. Had the 15 in speaker, tweeters, and a Tauscher sound board! Cabinet is good to start...the whole set will require a lot of work but will be saved.

Phish Tales

Posted on July 3, 2018 at 10:33am 0 Comments

All - The moderators removed an account that was a bit "phishy" today. We try hard to keep these folks off the forum, but every once in awhile, one gets in. Please ignore/delete any questionable messages and let's keep on talking Scotts!


Super XII Troubleshooting & Alignment

Posted on July 10, 2017 at 8:04am 1 Comment

I've spent several days working on a particularly difficult chassis and learned something I thought I'd share. First, here is what I had to start with: A nice single chassis Super XII. The IF aligned beautifully, and the 3 SW bands also aligned "by the book". The set sounded great on any SW band, AM was basically dead. There are only 3 things that are AM only, so I verified each coil. While checking continuity on the oscillator coil, I happened to notice that the 1K resistor seemed to move a…


Comment Wall (18 comments)

At 4:54pm on March 3, 2010, Merle Jones said…
Hello Kent, long time since we've last spoke. Thanks for the invite. I look forward to conversing with you and all the other Scott collectors and seeing their nice radios. -Merle
At 6:34pm on May 23, 2011, Thomas Day said…


In a post you mentioned having a check list for the allwave 23. Is there a link to that here?

Having a new transformer made and want to be sure everything else is good. The power supply had been re capped at some point. Haven't looked at the main chassis yet except to determine that it needed one tube which I have replaced. I have the operation and service manuals coming from Great Northern.



At 10:20pm on April 1, 2012, Renee A. Zeller said…

Kent.....thank you..... I would love more information on the Sheraton cabinet with a Laureate chassis  - if you could provide some PDF's that would be wonderful.  This has been sitting in the corner of my Great Grandfathers cabin ever since I was young.....I never realized what it was until last summer when I uncovered it and looked at it....but I finally took some pictures so I could ask about it.  Thank you again for your time.....I may bug you again with a few more questions when I take a look at it closer this Spring when I am up North at the cabin!  Renee:).   If you'd like to email the PDF's my e-mail is   Thanks:)

At 11:35am on December 28, 2012, Richard Green said…

Kent, got a quick question.  In photos 19 thru 24 of your photos, what is that device?  I have something like that has either 5 or 6 of those tubes.



At 4:05pm on December 28, 2012, Kent King said…

That is the Scott FM changes 88-108 FM down to 42-50 so that the older FM tuners could receive the modern band established post-war. The 717A tubes are used in a number of higher frequency applications. If your device has 5 or 6 of them, it could be most anything....

At 7:46pm on December 28, 2012, Richard Green said…


I'll have to dig it out of the garage tomorrow.  Maybe I can find out more info from google, now what I know it is.


aka pslmsngr

At 8:23pm on March 2, 2013, Steve Boracchia said…

Hi Kent,

I am not sure what to do with this one.  I thought I may be able
to strip it and re-crome, but that would stretch my abilities quite a bit. 
I'm sure I  could get it to work if it was just a re-capp and resistor/coil
check, its not so difficult electrically. All the parts are there. The cabinet is nice, the original owner stripped it so it just needs a refinish.  I really don’t want to pay
much for a good chassis, so I am not sure what to do.  I'll have to check
the serial number and get back to you.


At 7:49am on March 4, 2013, Kent King said…

Steve -

I would like the serial number for my research. Actually, rechroming a 23 will probably cost as much (if not more) than locating a nice it you want to get it operating, I'd say "Go for it". You are right, even if it isn't pretty, you will be able to make it play, and it will sound great. It's worth the effort! If you need anything along the way, just ask, folks here are always glad to help!


At 8:38am on December 28, 2013, Darrell Schneider said…

Hi Kent,

Working on pics and serial #'s, but what is meant by the term "Serbs"?

Thanks, Darrell

At 6:33pm on November 19, 2016, Joseph W Strickland said…


I have been cleaning up the schematic for the early (Feb. 1946) schematics for the 800B. Here are those two pages. I am working on another page that combines the radio tuner circuit and the electric tuning circuit on one page. The paper size is printable on 11 X 17 inch paper for the two files included here.




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